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Narrative In Games

This essay was originally written in 2010.
The original Essay can be found here.

Human psychology dictates that people are motivated to do things for a reason.  In the case of video games, people play for more than just a high score; they play to satisfy their sense of accomplishment (Maslow, 1954).  With narrative becoming a more prominent component of modern games, people now play for the entire experience of immersion into a game world and the stories it contains as well as the ability to affect the outcome of a story through interactivity.

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Shadows in the Sun

A product of the first year of university, this game concept is one of my proudest achievements to date.  This is because it feels complete, it has a clear concept, art style and game mechanics.  It feels like it could easily go straight into production.  Admittedly, I would slightly alter the title, but I post it unchanged from its’ conception.


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During the first year of university, through a team project I designed and created a game that ran on PC but was also designed to work on consoles.  It was a simple re-imagining of pong in a circular frame with themed environmental levels that affected gameplay.  To make this clear from the beginning, the parts I made on this game were the levels (from design to final model), and various parts of the GDD (GUI, Level Design and Multiplayer).  My focus at that time was on level design, so I did not play as big a part in writing and design as I do later in life.

Unfortunately, I must concede that I have lost files that have images of the game and it’s GUI.  However, the remaining stuff I have, shall be posted here.

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Xbox 360: An Entertainment System

This is a repost of an essay written in 2008.


History of the Company and Platform

The History of the Company

The Xbox 360 is made by the infamous company Microsoft, which is headed by one of the richest men in the world Bill Gates.  However, Microsoft started small in 1975.  Founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates, Microsoft started as a pair of computer addicts who had been inspired by the MITS Altair.  When they saw the microcomputer on the cover of computer magazine “Popular Electronics” they realised it was the optimal time to start Microsoft [piesoftware.co.uk, 2009].  The pair started off writing software, in particular operating systems.  They adapted the BASIC (Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) which was a teaching tool used to teach students how to program.  From this they created Microsoft BASIC, which they managed to sell to MITS as the first computer language program for a personal computer [thocp.net, 2009].

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Short Story Animation

During the latter half of the first year of university, I created another animation that lasted considerably longer, depicting some form of a narrative, rather than just a plain scene.  This involved more modelling, multiple cameras and movement, as well as a boned and rigged humanoid character.  I first created the animation before searching for audio that matched the story.  I eventually decided upon Mad World by Gary Jules as I thought the theme and tempo of the tune matched that of the animation.


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