Kapzer's Realm

Team Project, Week 4

In Lesson: 22 October, 2009

Prepared to present again, this was indeed the session to demonstrate our concepts.  Other groups went first, and what looked to be some very good ideas had come to fruition.  I was rather happy with the concepts the other groups came up with, as each group aimed their game towards a different target audience.  In other words, there is a lot of variety in the genre and styles of games that have come from each group.  A rather eerie coincidence, I imagined.

When it was our turn to present, many of us pitched in on parts we each spent more amounts of time on.  I felt that we covered everything we intended to get across, including the emphasis on our focal game mechanic – the areas of influence.  We covered a demonstration, a couple of pieces of visual aids that Steven concocted on his laptop demonstrating said areas of influence, visual style, limiting factors, progression in terms of having set maps or procedurally generated ones, and so on.  We covered our game in quite a lot of detail, since we had a lot of aspects already decided.  I feel that we presented well, giving everyone a clear picture of what we wanted, the ambition of the project and also the way we planned to structure our build versions.

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