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Team Project, Week 5

In Lesson: 29 October, 2009

This week’s session was incredibly productive.  We’ve moved onto other parts of conceptualisation exploring the depths of what we can and cannot do with the game.  With the help of Canalside Studios staff, we were able to determine that we can put animation to a degree.  For example, we’re most definately having moving water for things such as swimming pools and ponds.  We also tried to explore how we can get a mexican wave going in the stadium, but that proved a trickier task than expected.  A lot of time was spent theorising with the Canalside staff on the easiest way of having such a feature.  After much debating a possible conclusion was made.  The parts of the stadium would need to be seperate so they could be imported into XNA separately, and the texture on the middle part could just be switched in and out.  As far as I remember that was the solution, at least.

We’ve decided that we are indeed going for a compilation of the Mirror’s Edge and Viva Pinata art styles by starting off with Mirror’s Edge as a base, and then adding in colours from Viva Pinata but adjusting them to fit the visual style making a more appropriate colour palette.  With that starting point, an effective visual style can be created.  I also realised that we can get the grainy texture style on the whites by using a bump map with regular noise.  Therefore, I believe that using the Mirror’s Edge style for architecture, and an appropriated Viva Pinata style for the scenery, we can end up with a very attractive game.

A couple of members already started with making assets for the game, without doing any concept art, which I found very inefficient.  I also had an issue with them starting before we had divided up any jobs, since we initially agreed that certain members were doing architecture and other members doing scenery.  I am dissatisfied with the lack of cooperation.  The assigned tasks were for a stadium, swimming pool, park, and road tiles to be modelled so they could be placed.

Upon examining the scene from Mirror’s Edge used for the colour palette, Christian and myself noticed that the shadows and colouring on the scene are ambient.  This means not all shadows are black, and the colours of vividly coloured objects bleed onto the white.  We also noticed that for a red object, the shadows have a tint of red too, and shadows in general are blue.  We realised that we would not be able to do this with the texturing, and once again asked for advice from the Canalside team.  They said that it is possible, but it would have to be done in a renderer.  They showed our programmers some simple shadows that were very effective, which they could build into a renderer.  Our programmers are going to attempt to make such a renderer for the game.  Fingers crossed that the succeed, which could have an impressive impact on the game’s visuals.

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