Kapzer's Realm


During the first year of university, through a team project I designed and created a game that ran on PC but was also designed to work on consoles.  It was a simple re-imagining of pong in a circular frame with themed environmental levels that affected gameplay.  To make this clear from the beginning, the parts I made on this game were the levels (from design to final model), and various parts of the GDD (GUI, Level Design and Multiplayer).  My focus at that time was on level design, so I did not play as big a part in writing and design as I do later in life.

Unfortunately, I must concede that I have lost files that have images of the game and it’s GUI.  However, the remaining stuff I have, shall be posted here.

I do still have my relevant sections of the GDD, so you can find them here.

Fire Level

Ice Level

Main Menu (Final)


Character Selection (final)


Level Selection (final)






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