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I am Kapil Bhatt, now an ageing 23.  A graduate in a BA (Hons) Computer Games Design degree from the University in Huddersfield.  A pure designer, who is very proud of his “talents” and direction in life.  I have my fingers dipped in many pies, including making games, writing about them, writing for them, and creative writing.  After graduating I got involved with a start up games developed called Startup Games, but have since moved on.  I am currently seeking for new work.

A Brit to the core, I am what is classed as a hardcore, if not jaded, gamer.  Favourite games change from time to time, but the Gears of War series will always be in my heart. I guess I just like the testosterone filled adrenaline rush.  That, or the tight gameplay and exquisite cover system, not to mention the lore of the game universe.  However, do not judge me by that, for I have a keen eye for analysing games demonstrated through my games journalism and career making games.

My views, especially on games, come from a deconstruction of the design elements of a game, as I have always subconsciously done, but had only realised when I was 17. I had been doing this all the way throughout my numerous testing opportunities.  I have been testing since I was a young boy, but as time went on I was more recognised in the online community and obtained better opportunities.  It eventually dawned on me that this history in games could actually come into a valuable use, and I could build a career upon it.

In my spare time I find myself writing, exploring level design, or engaging in side and personal projects involving making games or lore building.  These projects are usually subject to Non-Disclosure Agreements so I cannot say too much about them, but for the sakes of my portfolio a preview of my work of these projects can be found.  Also, any of my personal stuff I will be happy to share with the world and you will find that here.

In the past I had spent 10 months working for Acclaim Games Inc. on the MMORPG 2Moons as a Virtual Games Master where I was part of a staff team that assumed mostly a public relations role.  We dealt with the players helping them with problems and questions they had, and participated in game events where we were the stars of the show.  However, this role also had us testing content before it was released and assisting paid Games Masters with hunting down cheaters and exploiters.

This blog will contain my daily…or however-often-I-can-be-bothered-to-post activities and plans, game reviews, discussions on topics to do with the games industry, or anything that I feel worth writing about.  It will also contain a portfolio/collection of my work, now including the stuff I did at university.  I have no qualms with sharing my stuff openly, so please respect my intellectual property.

If you have any comments feel free to use the form below, or contact me at admin@kapzer.com

Now making updates via Twitter too.

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