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Short Story Animation

During the latter half of the first year of university, I created another animation that lasted considerably longer, depicting some form of a narrative, rather than just a plain scene.  This involved more modelling, multiple cameras and movement, as well as a boned and rigged humanoid character.  I first created the animation before searching for audio that matched the story.  I eventually decided upon Mad World by Gary Jules as I thought the theme and tempo of the tune matched that of the animation.


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Fish Tank Animation

This was my first real attempt at 3D modelling and animation, done in the first half of my first year of university.  Of course, in retrospect, it is very basic, but I intentionally wish to show my progression over time.  I purposefully want to show how I have bettered over time not just creatively, but technically also.

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Self Promotion Website Two

The second of the two websites is not as clean and is literally darker in colour.  With a space/science fiction theme, the idea was to make it more game related.  Also created using Adobe Photoshop.

Home page with drop down

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Self Promotion Website One

In the first year we were encouraged to design concepts for our own websites, where we would display our portfolio of work.  Ironic, considering what this site actually is.  Created using Adobe Photoshop, this was the first of two sites; the first was intended to give a clean, professional feel.

Home Page with drop down preview

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Morph Animation

The other Flash animation created during the first year of university was a morph animation, of which each frame was created manually using Adobe Illustrator.