Kapzer's Realm

Greeting Card Animation

In the first year of university we created a couple of animations, the first of which was a digital greeting card.  Made in Adobe Flash, this short Christmas card is Halo themed.

Resistance Font

I created a font themed upon the video game Resistance: Fall of Man in the first year of university.  They were initially hand drawn, and then scanned and vectorised in Adobe Illustrator before being coloured.

Full Font

Alongside the font, there was also a small web ad created.

Web ad

Self Caricatures

I created these caricatures of myself in the first year of university.  They are vector illustrations made in Adobe Illustrator CS2.

Head to Heel Rehab Leaflet

I designed a leaflet for a start up business using Photoshop Extended CS6 at 300 ppi (print quality).  It has been put into production and distributed locally.



I’m Afraid You May Have Consolitis

This is a repost of a previous article written.

With the persistence of the current generation and promises from the likes of Microsoft and Sony that their current generation platforms will have a ten year cycle, it comes to question if games are being held back by conforming to the current standards.  Let’s face it – video games seem to have reached a plateau where technical specifications have been similar for several years.  It can be said that the real issue here is whether or not games are being hindered by developers conforming to said plateau.

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