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For those who prefer to look at LinkedIn profiles for CVs, please find my profile here.

You can find a PDF version of my Curriculum Vitae here.

Also, if necessary, a .doc version of it is here.

Business Card


I am an approachable and open minded person who can get along with anyone I meet. A team player and ambitious person with an eccentric personality, I am always dedicated to the task at hand. My major selling point would be a variety of experience related to the games industry. I gain experience in order to motivate myself to aspire to greater heights in my chosen profession, and broaden my foundations when starting new projects. I believe my speciality is game design, and more generally writing and conceptualisation, although I also have a talent for games journalism.


Adobe Creative Suite
Photo Manipulation
Video Editing
3d Modelling
XNA Game Studio – C#
CryEngine 3
Unreal Development Kit
Source SDK



Lead Designer at Startup Games
June 2011 – February 2013

Being part of a small independent team
Managing a team efficiently
Working in a team based environment
Envisioning and influencing the direction a project is headed


Game Designer on various collaborative projects
February 2008 – July 2008
August 2009 – February 2011

Handling instructions to specification
Playing multiple roles in the design process
Discussing and implementing concepts and game mechanics
Vital games design experience
Critical communication between team members


Staff Writer at OneLastContinue.com
April 2009 – September 2010

Cooperating with other writers and publishers to produce coherent product
Working unsupervised to meet deadlines
Providing criticism on my own work
Developing vital writing skills and style


Virtual Games Master at Acclaim Games Inc. for the game 2Moons
October 2007 – August 2008

Addressing Problems promptly and appropriately
Managing small and large groups of people
Making judgements and criticisms based on facts and evidence
Searching through entire game worlds to prevent exploitation and rule breaking
Community management


QA Tester on various games
May 2003 – October 2010

Games Include:
All Points Bulletin
Battlefield Heroes
Lord of the Rings Online
Guild Wars
Alien Breed

Viewing things in specific detail and finding flaws, imperfections and bugs
Criticising existing products and suggesting improvement
Adjusting to large and small changes between game builds
Handling the extensive repetition of games testing



University of Huddersfield
2008 – 2011
BA (Hons) Computer Games Design

Year 1:
3D and Animation – A
Concept Development 1 – A
Interactive Games Culture 1 – A
Team Project* – B
Visual Studies – B
Games Prototyping – C

Year 2:
3D Character Animation – B
3D Portfolio Development – C
Concept Development 2 – B
Interactive Games Culture 2 – B
Team Project** – C
Game Prototyping 2 – A

Year 3:
Individual Project – B
Team Project – B
Advanced Visual Design – B
Advanced 3D – D

* Year 1 Team Project – Best Game, Best Technical Achievement
** Year 2 Team Project – Best Technical Achievement


Wyggeston Queen Elizabeth I College
2006 – 2008

Media Studies – A
Accounting – C
Mathematics – D
AS Economics – D
iMedia Level 2


Soar Valley College
2001 – 2006

Mathematics – A*
Science – A*
Geography – A*
English Language – A
English Literature – A
Religious Education – A*
French – A
GNVQ ICT – Merit
History – B



Although my main passions revolve around videogames, I take an interest in sports, especially the likes of cricket and football. This involves keeping to a certain level of fitness. I have a fascination for history and architecture which usually provides inspiration for my work. To do this I travel regularly, which I also love as it allows me to explore new places and further my knowledge of the world. However, I enjoy learning more about the production of games and the games industry itself. I fulfil this by actively undertaking various games related roles in different sectors of the industry; including games testing, journalism and roles I have played on game projects in my spare time. Recently I have garnered an interest into photography, and discovered that I enjoy visiting places and taking pictures of locations, buildings, and scenery. I wish to continue with this hobby and increase my skills as an amateur photographer.

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